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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we meet the DJ we're hiring? --- Yes. Consultations with your DJ are an excellent and easy way to know us better prior to booking. Meetings also allow your DJ the opportunity to get to know you and your needs. Online video chat sessions are also available via Zoom and Skype.
  • Will I Need To Supply A Power Source? --- Power is required for any event and is normally available. We are able to rent a generator at cost to provide remote locations.
  • Where will you set up? --- We will suggest a set up area that provides the best sound for your guests to provide a louder sound focused on the dance area and a quieter area along the edges for normal conversation to take place. Decisions are based of the space available and needs of your event.
  • What happens if mother nature ruins our event? --- If your event is still able to be run we will gladly stick around but may be unable to play and be required to shut down for a while. No matter what we will always stay for a minimum of one hour to wait out any storm. However, It is ultimately the decision of DJ Mike.
  • Do you charge for travel? --- Travel charges depend upon the circumstances, which is part of why we customize packages for each client. We do not charge travel for events within 20 miles from the area.
  • Can we choose what we want played? --- Absolutely. It’s your party! While we are happy to make suggestions, you have total control over the music that is played at your event. We have clients who choose every single song to be played; we have clients who leave it entirely up to us, and everything in between.
  • Can you make announcements? --- Gladly. We want to assure all your guests know what is going on. Event coordinators are also allowed to use the mics to personalize any message themselves.
  • Do you have current music and older music? --- Our music library is automatically updated every week, so we always have the most current music. Our library consists of over 16 million titles. Unlike most DJ Services they only carry what they need giving limited options. We provide a vast list to meet every guest's request. Please let us know if you have specific songs or artists you want played at your event.
  • Will the DJ play requests? --- Of course. We don't always know what your crowd wants to hear as we're not mind-readers! Just come up to our booth and ask and we will include it in our playlist.
  • What attire will the DJ/Staff Members wear? --- Chicago Superior Entertainment DJs and staff will always dress properly for each event. Example: Wedding- Dress Shirt, Tie, & Vest. If you want us to wear a certain attire do not be afraid to ask; we will work something out to accommodate your specifications.
  • What about a back-up system? --- Accidents happen and technology can fail. We always arrive with a backup sound system on call in the event of an emergency.
  • Overtime fees --- If we agree to stay longer and keep your party going, overtime fees must be paid in cash. There are no exceptions.
  • Are we required to feed you and your crew members? --- Meal are requested and greatly appreciated, however, they not required except for events over 4 hours.
  • Do you offer interactive games? --- Yes, of course. If you would like your DJ to direct games and even get on the dance floor to provide instructions and directions then we are happy to help.

Additional Questions? Contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

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