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Architectural Uplighting - Under The Table Highlighting/Illumination - Room Color-washing

Architectural lighting can highlight objects in the room like the head table or cake table, it can warm walls to a pleasing color of your choice, or it can enhance the party effect with fun lighting around the room! Scroll through the images to see examples

One Accent - Starting at $100

- 4 uplights provided and installed to illuminate your head table


- 4 uplights provided and installed for under-table highlighting/illumination

Rooms - Starting at $200

- Uplighting is priced on a room by room basis - We DO NOT charge by the fixture

- We will use as many lights as needed to fill your room

Intelligent Lighting Systems

We set these lights on a sound active program or can hook them up to a computer we are able to make them do anything you want. Custom walkway? Custom colors? Anything you want. They are highly powered, more advanced fixtures. Contact us for pricing.

Haze Machines

Haze machines are NOT fog machine. In fact, they are better. They allow for an enhancement to our lighting effects creating a strong dance floor feel. A hazer adds water vapor to the air that is odorless and will make the lighting beams stand out without creating clouds of smoke that may irritate your guests. This option really makes all of our light shows much more spectacular!

They are however only available for indoor events and the venue must approve the use.

Bubbles and Blacklight Glow Bubbles

High Output Bubble System: $30

Blacklight GLOW IN THE DARK Bubble System $60

Bubbles. The easiest and most cost efficient special effect to keep kids (and adults) occupied for hours during our performance. Our multiple bubble machines can accommodate any type of venue from small to large and indoors or outdoors. 

Want to add a REAL POP to your event? Try out either our Blacklight Bubble Tower! Imagine a 10ft tall illuminated tower atop with a bubble machine.

A beacon for kids as it blows GLOW IN THE DARK bubbles high above their heads allowing a wave to float down. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FROM PAST CLIENTS

PA System Rentals - Wired or Wireless Microphones

Starting at $200/day

Security deposit, Credit Card and IL State Drivers License or ID on File Required

We offer a PA System with (2) 800w Speakers, 2 Wireless microphones and 1 corded microphone. Drop off and setup not included.

Contact us for more information

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