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Architectural Uplighting - UnderTable Highlighting/Illumination - Room Color-washing

Architectural lighting can highlight objects in the room like the head table or cake table, it can warm walls to a pleasing color of your choice, or it can enhance the party effect with fun lighting around the room! Scroll through the images to see examples

One Accent - Starting at $200

- 4 uplights provided and installed to illuminate your head table


- 4 uplights provided and installed for under-table highlighting/illumination

Small Room - Starting at $300

- Uplighting is priced on a room by room basis - We DO NOT charge by the fixture

- We will use as many lights as needed to fill your room

- Under-table lighting extra

AutoRun Intelligent Lighting System

We set these lights on a sound active program. They are higher powered, more advanced fixtures just not "custom" controlled.

Computer Controlled Intelligent Lighting System

These are the same fixtures from the left just customized. By hooking them up to a computer we are able to make them do anything you want. Custom walkway? Custom colors? Anything you want.

Bubbles and Blacklight Glow Bubbles

Extreme High Output Bubble System: $50

Small Blacklight Bubble System: $75

Dual Output Blacklight Bubble System: $150

Bubbles. The easiest and most cost efficient special effect to keep kids (and some adults) occupied for hours durning our performance. Our multiple bubble machines can accommodate multiple type of venues from small to large and indoors or outdoors. 

We even have wireless machines for after you wedding ceremony.

Indoor event and thinking people might slip? Not to worry. Our lighting operators ensure that bubbles can be enjoyed with an excessive reside on the other words, we keep an eye out.

Low Fog Dry Ice - Dancing on the clouds

Wedding: "Dancing On The Clouds" Moments: $295

All Other Events: "Low Fog Effect" $195 + Operational Costs for Dry Ice @ $15/ Brick. 

Call Us for more information 

Custom Monograms - Your name or logo in lights

Static Image Gobo: $150 ---- Animated Gobo: $269

From animation projecting your company logo or name in an eye attracting design to the simple static beam...we can accommodate your needs.

Has a loved one passed and will not see you get married? A popular concept is to memorialize them with their own monogram on a wall in the reception hall to show they are still there in spirt.

View our designs by clicking the button below

Wedding Ceremony Officiant and Licensing Services 

Starting at $350. Inquire for more details.